Wheels have a dual objective for your car. While they make your car look good, they can also hinder or improve your car’s handling.

Wheels for Your Car’s Style

Nothing beats improving the look of your like new wheels. The trend is to go bigger, and lower side profiles. The reason why this improves the looks of your car is the visual cues that a bigger wheel does to your car. When you fill out the wheel-well of a car with a bigger wheel/tire, the car naturally looks more aggressive and lower. Most cars come with a smaller wheel and smaller tire. The reason is practical. With a smaller wheel and tire, the car will handle more smoothly on the road. When you go bigger size then the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheel you brought the car with, you will make the ride more harsh and aggressive in handling. There are a few ways you can approach this car styling.

Upgrade OEM Wheel

Most manufacturers understand that owners want to have an improved look on their car, with the minus being the ride will be harsher. All manufacturers offer a wheel upgrade that will increase the size of the wheel usually 1-inch which what comes standard. So for instance if you have a 18-inch wheel, then the upgrade would be 19-inch wheels.

BMW M3 with OEM 19inch wheel

BMW M3 with OEM 19inch wheel

BMW M3 with OEM 18inch wheel

BMW M3 with OEM 18inch wheel

The big difference besides the look and ride will be the price. Everytime you go up 1 size in both wheel and tire size, your costs will go up. A 18-inch tire will be $100.00 cheaper then the equal 19-inch tire. But times that at 4x (you need to replace 4 tires on a car, right), you are now at a $400.00 increase. Keep that in mind.


After-market Wheels

There is a big market for wheels for cars, and hence from that comes a big after-market for wheels for any car. Couple of things to know as you buy after-market wheels.

Not all are equal

Some wheels are made with steel and regular process. These will be weaker and heavier then standard OEM wheels. While they may look good and also be cheaper on the wallet, they will not last as well as better made forged wheels. What you would like to look for are forged, or lightweight wheels made by companies like OZ and BBS. Not only do their wheels look great, they are usually equal or lighter then OEM wheels and also give your car a great fit.

Here is a video that compares the difference between a 18 and 19 inch BBS wheel on the same car.

Some Wheels are Expensive

For the better named wheels, not only are the styles better but you will have to pay for the cost. But do know that on the resell market, big name brands like OZ, BBS and HRE sell better and to their cost since people know they are quality made wheels with style.

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