The best way to enhance your automobile is to add some exterior styling to the car. There are a few ways to do so.


With wrapping, you can change the color and texture of your car with a vinyl wrap. The wrap will be placed onto your car and will fully embrace onto your car as a second skin. The best part of the wrap is that when you are sick and tired of the wrap, you can always take it off by peeling it (like a banana).

wrapping a lambo

Some of the best wraps are the ones with the matte finish. This allows your car to be more special especially in a dark color. The other ways wraps can accomplish a great look is to change the color of your original car to something very special and individualized.

car styling


Body Panels

To add more depth and aggressiveness to your car, you can also add body panels. The most common applications are front dammers/splitters and back diffusers. These items add more body to the front and back respectively, allows for more aero-dynamics in look and practical usefulness. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure you hire the right body shop to take off the original panels and place the new body panels onto the car without messing up the original seams and body.

body panel

BMW M3 splitter


Side Panels

If you are going to do a front and rear parts for your car, you may want to also invest in side body panels. Do note that sometimes its best to add these parts for overall performance.

side panel

The side panels to this Porsche matches the front splitter that is also offered by the 3rd party manufacturer. This will seamlessly make the car look better from a visual point of view.



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